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Simsbury Heritage — a living history. From the earliest archeological evidence of humans 8,ooo years ago, to the Massacoe Indians of the Algonquin Nation, to the European settlers of the 1600’s, to the present day, Simsbury’s legacy continues to evolve and be enriched by all who live and visit here. There’s so much to see and experience in Simsbury, where our heritage is not a thing apart, but an active part of everyday life. Come be part of the history.

Ongoing Preservation of Eno Memorial Hall


Join Us in Keeping Our History Alive
We are currently working with the Town to upgrade and restore Eno Memorial Hall, so that the countless community groups that use it will be able to continue to do so for many years to come. Eno is our Community Center and we’re committed to preserving it for future generations.

We’ve already accomplished:

• A Comprehensive Preservation Study for the entire building
• Fundraising and design of the five marble benches on the front terrace
• Moving the Veterans Memorial so that it is more prominently featured
• Helped oversee fire code upgrades to insure they were done in “character” of historic building designs

We’re still working on:

• Fundraising for two marble planters
• Fundraising to repair and restore the clock
• Interior repairs that will benefit other groups, including the Senior Center