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Countdown to Beautiful

5 – 6 months before

Want to grow out your hair or try a new color or cut? Talk to your stylist and start experimenting now.

Get serious skin care: Start a good cleansing and moisturizing program and consider making appointments for monthly facials.

3 – 4 months before

Bring pictures of hairstyles you like and your veil and headpiece to your stylist. If you want to wear your hair in an up-do, discuss with your stylist how long it will take to grow out your hair so it’s the right length for your desired look.

When considered your hairstyle, remember, it should compliment your gown, not compete with it.

Make consultation appointments with potential make-up artists. Be sure to take pictures and then analyze them. Do your features stand out? Do you look like you’re wearing a mask?

Decide on a make-up artist and book her/him for your wedding date. Set up a day-of-wedding schedule.

Decide on your hair stylist and book her/him for your wedding date. Set up a day-of-wedding schedule.

1 – 2 months before

Meet with your make-up artist for a trial run.

Bring your veil to your hair stylist for a trial run. If you’re not happy, now’s the time to make changes.

Ever consider having your eyebrows professionally shaped? Now’s the time to try it.

If you haven’t started a facial program a few months ago, consider getting a facial now.

2 weeks before

Get your final haircut or trim. No experimenting here, just stick to the look you love.

Exfoliate and moisturize. Talk to your salon about products. Soft and silky elbow, hands and feet are marriage musts.

Drink lots of water to help keep your skin clear and glowing.

Confirm big-day beauty appointments.

Remind your man to get his final trim 1 Week before.

Get a bikini and leg wax and a final eyebrow shaping.

Get a massage to relax. A good idea for your fiancé too.

Get a final facial. Don’t wait until the last day to do this as your face will need a day or two to get back to normal.

1 day before

Drink lots of water.

Pack your emergency beauty kit.

Deep condition your hair.

Exfoliate your skin.

Have your nails done and get a pedicure.

On Your Wedding Day

Get your hair and makeup done. Wear a robe or button-down shirt that can be easily removed. Try to wear one that matches the color of your gown, if possible, to get the right makeup color application.

L Designs Hair Salon at The Courtyard
Linda Weiss-Gelineau, Owner