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ring1Custom Made Wedding Jewelry
Are you looking for custom created wedding bands for you and your fiance? Maybe you would like some unique and special jewelry for your bridal party. When it comes to our most important jewelry, many of today’s women are looking for a way to express their personal taste in that once in a lifetime choice. At Sarah Byrnes, our custom design service will help you create those special wedding bands you will enjoy wearing forever.

At Sarah Byrnes, Goldsmith, we create jewelry to appeal to a wide range of tastes and styles using several different processes. A piece of jewelry can be hand fashioned or “Fabricated” using pieces of gold, silver or platinum in sheet and wire. Another process called “LostWax Casting” is where a wax model is carved by Sarah, invested in a plaster casing, and burned out in a high temperature oven. It is then cast with molten metal in Gold, Platinum or Silver.When the process is finished, you have a one of a kind piece of jewelry that is ready for the addition of stones and/or textures,
made especially for you.

“I wanted something special. I didn’t think I could afford a custom ring and I didn’t have a clue how the process worked. All it took was a conversation with Sarah and Kim at Sarah Byrnes. They took my scattered vision, walked me through the design process and created something that exceeded any expectation I had. It is without question the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I felt like I was dealing with family, they really cared and put so much thought and love into it.”
~ A. Dinerstein, a satisfied customer

We have been helping our customers with their jewelry needs and desires for over 15 years in our shop, at The Simburytown Shops, in Simsbury, CT. Our clients may choose us for our expertise in jewelry design and construction, but our friendly, family style customer service keeps them coming back for all the special occasions in their lives. It is always our privilege to be part of so many happy occasions in our customers lives.


We are always ready to clean and inspect your jewelry. This may save you costly repairs or possibly devastating losses, and will keep your jewelry looking its very best. We recommend stopping in regularly, every 3 to 6 months, for a jewelry “Spa Visit” so we can check to be sure your stones are tight and your setting is wearing well.

Before you wear a family heirloom, we suggest you bring it in for inspection as it may be in need of some restoration work from years of loving wear.

When wearing your jewelry, avoid chlorine bleach and harsh abrasives – they can cause damage without you being aware.

Pearls should always be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Avoid using perfume, hairspray and makeup in areas where pearls are worn as these will cause damage to the surface of the pearls.Wipe your pearls off with a clean, dry cotton cloth before putting them away.

When creating jewelry, the choices you make regarding metals and stones should reflect not only your personal style, but wear ability for your lifestyle as well. After all, jewelry should be worn, not tucked away in a box waiting for another special occasion.

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