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This artist list is constantly changing – come back often to get the most up-to-date list of artists.

1st name Last name Type of art Venue
Pam Albertson author Peabury’s
Rennie McQuilken Author  
Mary Jane Springman Author  
Jennifer Weiner Author  
Author   Book signing One-Bite Cafe
Steps in Time –   Dance Eno 12:00 – 2:00
HarttSchool   Dance Eno
Tom Horan Flower arranging Horan’s
Paul Hahn Furniture Maker Artistic Endeavors
Melinda Morrisette Glass Art & Jewelry MallWay Courtyard
Bill Braun Glass art MethodistChurch
Kathy Neumann Glass art Kaplan Building & Joe’s Pizza windows
Naomi Lerner Tussin Jewelry Fiddler’s green foyer
Monique Collins-Mashkovich Jewelry MethodistChurch
Karen Untermeyer Jewelry Maple Tree
Bill Selig Jewelry Selig jewelers
Mala Matacin Jewelry Maple Tree
Arthur Levin Leather goods Maple Tree
FarmingtonValleyBig Band John Zeniski Music Eno
SimsburyLegacy Jazz Jim Martocchio Music Maple Tree
Carolan Bells   Music Methodist Church
The Valley Sax Quartet Dick Meyer
Peter Bizzaro
Music Methodist Church
Classical Violin John Crand Music Sarah Byrnes
Dan Reilert Music Starbuck’s 11:00-12:00
Dan Rielert Music Metro Bis
Melanie Charigan Music – Classical flute Arts Exclusive 12-2:00
Alex Gurin Music – Classical Piano Arts Exclusive
William Shaw Music – Classical Piano Peabury’s 12:00-2:00
Joe Patrina – Little House   Music – Country Rock Historic Society
3:30 – 5:00
Martocchio Jazz Ensemble Students & faculty Music – Jazz Courtyard Archway
SHSBattleof the Bands Winner   Music – rock/pop Historic Society 12:00-1:00
Laura Riley   Music – Women’s Barbershop Quartet Courtyard Archway
Jill Paterson Music: singer Red Stone
Rita Bond Painter KaplanBuilding
Justine Coleman Painter Historic Society
Catherine Elliot Painter Mall way Courtyard
Maryann Flynn Painter KaplanBuilding
Mark Godoy Painter ABC House
Ruth Jacobson Painter Sims Free Library
Jacie Jakubowski Painter Historic Society
Diana Lemcoff Painter KaplanBuilding
Debbie Leonard Painter Selig’s
Claudia Ludovici Painter Sims Free library
Virgina Peake Painter Historic Society
Sue Prentice Painter Cemetery
Dane Thompson Painter – graphic street art ABC House
David Kimball Painting preservation lecture Sims Free library
Debbie Leonard Paintings Artistic Endeavors
Phil Janes Paintings and sculpture Arts Exclusive
Hunter Neal Photographer Methodist church
April Aldighieri Photographer Historic Society
Rich Wagner Photographer Historic Society
Avis Cherichetti pottery Fiddler’s Green Foyer
Grace Epstein pottery Kaplan Bldg
CantonClay Works   pottery Historic Society???
Anne Melvin Pottery Historic society
David Keller Pottery Maple Tree
Robin Schofield Quilter Mall Way upstairs
Betty Warner Quilts from Sew Inspired Fiddler’s Green Foyer & Sew Inspired
Vicente Garcia Sculptor/potter Mall Way Dennis Jacobs office
Patrick Stauffer Sculptor MethodistChurch
Jeremy Jordan Sculptor/painter ABC
Sharene Wassell Silk Door arrangements Mall Way Courtyard
Theater Guild ofSimsbury   Audition workshop MethodistChurch
Jackson Eno Walking Lecture on art in cemetery Cemetery
Emil Dahlquist Walking lecture on Simsbury Architecture Cemetery Meet at entrance
Sharene Wassell Wine Buckets Red Stone Pub
Paul Morrissett Wood carvings Mallway Courtyard
Bruno Hazen Wood carvings Maple Tree
Celia Roberts   Antiques and art at DAR room at Eno Hall Eno Hall
Carrie Borgen Metaphysical art Maple Tree