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About The ABC House

The Simsbury ABC Program began in 1973. It is is a non-profit educational program dedicated to providing minority boys from disadvantaged school districts with a better high school education than they might otherwise receive. Students are recruited from across the country to live at the Simsbury ABC House, attend Simsbury High School, and enjoy the academic and social supports that the Simsbury ABC Program offers to help them realize their educational potential. Not counting the three young men graduating this coming June, 79 young men have graduated from our program and gone on to attend some of the finest colleges and universities in the country. The Simsbury ABC Program is located at the ABC House on Hopmeadow Street in Simsbury. This historic house in the center of town has been remodeled to accommodate up to nine young men, as well as Resident Directors and a Resident Tutor. The Resident Directors create a family atmosphere within the house, and the Resident Tutor helps the students with their studies and oversees nightly study hours.

Students, selected for their academic abilities, strength of character, and motivation, generally enter the program as freshmen. They live in the ABC House throughout the school year, attend Simsbury High School, and return to their homes for vacations and summers.

The goals of Simsbury ABC are to prepare these students for college and to help them get into the school of their choice. Administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers from Simsbury High School work closely with students and board members to ensure that these goals are reached.

The program depends heavily on volunteer support and is entirely funded through community donations. No government funding is sought or received. A volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for the program; including the policies, staff, maintenance of the house, van, and all fundraising; in addition to meeting the academic and social needs of the students. For more information, please visit their website at