Black Bear History, Biology and Management in Connecticut

 Simsbury Public Library at 725 Hopmeadow Stree

The Simsbury Land Trust presents Paul Rego, a
Wildlife Biologist from the Connecticut Department of Environment Protection
(DEEP) to speak about Black Bear History, Biology and Management in Connecticut”. In this free Simsbury Land Trust
presentation, Rego will explore why Connecticut is
experiencing a rapid growth in its black bear population and tell how
management and research on this issue are being conducted. He will discuss the
consequences of having this large mammal in our area and provide steps to
reduce the likelihood of encounters with bears. As part of the program, Rego will
describe the history of bears from pre-colonial times through today and cover
black bear food habits, reproduction, winter denning and social organization. To
reserve a seat, contact the Simsbury Land Trust at (860) 651-8773 or

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