Simsbury Public Library

Chris Fisher will be showing his work in the Program Room during the month of February, and there will be an opening reception on February 2.  The show is titled “The World of HDR Photography”.  It is a collection of more than 60 photographic prints made by the artist. The exhibit will explain what HDR photography is, and how it is accomplished. There will be a few examples of the same scene presented as both a traditional photograph and an HDR photograph.  Briefly, HDR photography allows a photographer to photograph the scene as his eye sees it, the way an artist might paint it.  In the past, photographers have always been limited by the dynamic range of the film or sensor, but this allows the photographer to capture a much wider dynamic range – hence the name High Dynamic Range photography.  The pictures will be scenes from Ireland, Newfoundland, the Yucatan Peninsula, and National Parks and other scenes around the United States. Chris and his wife Diane have traveled extensively doing birding and scenic and nature photography.  Public welcome!


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