Charting a Course Through the Fog of Unemployment

10:15 am
Simsbury Public Library Program Room

Job loss impacts all aspects of your life. Join Michael Lynch, Personal Branding trainer and founder of the Connecticut Re-Employment Group, Dr. Marica LaReau, Motivational Speaker and President of Forward Motion and Richard J, Vogler, CRPC, Managing Partner with Norman, Vogler and Associates of Ameriprise Financial for a workshop that addresses how to navigate the challenges of unemployment. In the first part, “Securing Your Identity”, Michael Lynch will engage the group in a discussion regarding their identity, what makes them who they are, how to find a niche that the market needs and then broadcast that personal brand in order to obtain the right job. Dr. Marica LaReau will follow with “Securing New Employment”. She’ll outline the process to get organized for a job search, provide a list of critical considerations needed to determine an employment action plan, identify the key elements of a job search plan and outline the steps to creating a plan that works for each individual. Richard Vogler will facilitate and conclude the program with, “Securing Your Finances”. He’ll discuss how to weather a job loss financially and answer questions like: How can I manage expenses and continue to pay bills without a regular salary?, How can I continue to provide my family with medical care without my employer’s insurance coverage?, What are the long-term consequences if I tap into my retirement savings? and How will a job loss affect my tax situation? This program is free and open to all but registration is requested at 860-658-7663

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